McClure’s Gap Church of God                      

                          Mission Statement:  
Helping People to Know, Grow and Show Jesus to Others.


Welcome to McClure's Gap Church of God's website. Please take a look around and see what a good time we are having sharing God's word and work.
We are a small church of seventy five people. We are just ordinary people who are not perfect by any means but a group of people who are under construction. We are people who are developing a passion to grow, and serve others in our community, as well as through the world. There are churches that are larger and some that are smaller. While our physical size is small, it is our desire to have big hearts especially toward those who don't know the joy one can have in serving Jesus. Together we can walk hand in hand learning about Jesus as we grow. Join us when you have an opportunity, we will be glad you did.

Many blessings to you,

Pastor Robert Stauffer 
  What We Believe

Church of God General Conference

 Core Values

1. We value obedience to Jesus Christ in all situations.

2. We value each individual as one who matters to God.

3. We value dependence on and confidence in God’s ability to do more than we can ask or imagine; therefore, we are willing to take risks and expect that God will surprise us.

4. We value Christ honoring, culturally relevant worship.

5. We value evangelistic outreach ministry to those who do not yet belong to Christ and the church.

6. We value each believer growing in Christ likeness and serving in ministry based on their spiritual gifts.

7. We value vital reproducing congregations.

8. We value trained, committed and competent leaders (pastors and lay persons).

9. We value Christian unity within a diverse body of faith.

10. We value accountability among believers and congregations.



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