Our Pastor

Robert and Lois Stauffer
Allow me to tell you a little bit about myself and my family. I was born on a farm in Mount Joy, Penna. I grew up with farming and butchering as my background. I suppose I still have a bit of both in my blood. I lived on a farm until 1980 when my family and I moved into a small town nearby.  On November fourth of 1960 I was married to my high school sweetheart. Her name was Lois Ann Flory who became Lois Ann Stauffer. Together we have four children. We have one boy and three girls. In 1970 we bought a food business consisting of wholesale foods, a Deli, Sandwiches and Catering. Several years later we bought a small store where we sold a variety of things including gas. Included with the store were a trailer court and woodland. Some time later we bought another business in Lancaster, Penna.
I was always active in my local church and traveled quite a bit singing gospel music. I also lead singing for a number of local evangelists. However, in 1976 God spoke to both Lois and I and we began a much closer walk with God, which ultimately led us to pursue full time ministry in the churches of God General Conference. We sold all our businesses by 1990 and after fulfilling my educational requirements, I began fulltime ministry in 1991.
At the present time, Lois and I serve McClure's Gap. We are a church of under one hundred but McClure's is a congregation of energetic people. A question was asked of us. "Do you want to be a community church or a church in the community?"
After much discussion, we decided we want to be a community church. Because of our answer, we are in the process of building an addition where we can serve the community and allow the community to use the building. In our leadership discussions we are usually asking the question "How can we be more effective in helping to bring positive change in the community?” I suppose that will always be a question that demands new answers. I am glad you stopped by and do hope you enjoy our website. Come by and see us if you have an opportunity. Because He cares. I remain a fellow servant.
~Pastor Bob~ .